Pet portraits

pet portrait
pet portrait

5 Tips for Taking Purrfect Cat Pics From a Professional

  First Tip Cat photography

  Use a fast shutter speed. Cats move really fast, and if you want to capture their play in a sharp and crisp image, shoot at fast shutter speeds. Josh aims to shoot at 1/1000s, and recommends a minimum of 1/500s. In case you don’t photograph a kitty in play, but want to take photos while it’s asleep, you can go lower than that.

Second Tip Cat portrait photography

  If you’re shooting at a fast shutter speed, you’ll need enough light. You need utilize a natural window light and direct your cat towards that part of the room when you want to take photos.

Taking photos of cats can be difficult. They tend to want to do their own thing and can often turn away as soon as you get the camera out. There are lots of simple tricks and general advice below which you can employ  to get that perfect photo for a portrait.

pet portrait
pet portrait

 3 . Tip Cat portrait photography

  Having someone to help you take photos is a great idea. It can be really handy if they  have some smelly  treats too, cooked chicken works well. If you can make a squeaking noise with your mouth, this will alert the cat and make it look towards you, without them coming over…hopefully!  Keep photoshoots short, particuarly if they are starting to get fed up with all of the attention. It’s better to have your camera handy over a number of days and take a few pictures  as and when. You may find that there will be a moment in the day where your cat is in the ideal position and you will be able to take the perfect photo.

4 . Tip Cat portrait photography

 Cats are awesome and fun, and watching them play or hunt makes me think that they’re even slightly crazy. Try capturing these moments when the cat is in the middle of the play and take the action.

5 . Tip Cat portrait photography

  The trickiest part of cat photography is that pets don’t understand posing instructions like other subject matter.  A few treats and favorite toys can go a long way in getting pets to stay put or look in a certain direction. If you’re shooting images of a pet that you don’t own, always ask the owner for permission before offering any food.
Also, consider asking the pet owner what the animal’s favorite words are so you know what to say to get the pet’s attention.


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