Pet Photography Tips and Techniques. Pet portraits

Pet Photography Tips and Techniques. Pet Art Photo Tips. Pet portraits advice.

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Pet Photography Tips and Techniques

Pet Tips

Pet portraits advice.

  Photographing your pets, or any domesticated animal is pet photography. It requires a certain set of skills and patience to tackle. Your pets are unpredictable and fast. This provides you with all of the subject matter you need to improve. But, it will test your skills as a photographer. We will give you creative inspiration, show you what you need to look for and which lenses you and your pet photography will benefit from.

  How to Pick the Right Lens for Pet portrait Photography.
  Lenses are what make your photograph what it is. A differential focus comes from the aperture on your piece of glass. The wider the aperture, the less of the scene will be in focus.
  The background becomes more and more blurry.  This adds interest to your image and cuts out distractions. A wide-angle lens offers you a broader perspective of the scene.
  A zoom lens gives you the chance to photograph from close and afar. This lets you stay out of the scene, which is less distracting for your pets.

   If possible always use natural light when taking your pet in picture. Avoid flash, as flash burst can, not only cause red-eye, but also frighten the animal. Instead try to go outside or, if it is not possible, in a room well lit by a large window.

  Having sharp eyes is important in any kind of portraits photography. As they say, Eyes are the Window to the Soul and pets eye can be very expressive. So make sure to focus on your pet’s eyes and keep the tack sharp.

Photography Tips

Photography Tips

    It is very important that you pet feels comfortable and at ease, so instead of forcing him to come to you go to him. Most important is to get down to his level; We all know how a dog looks when viewed from above, this is the way we always see them. Show us the way they see world! Sit on the floor or lie on your belly and remember to shoot from HIS eye level or below.

dog portrait tipsdog portrait tips

   Element in your background doesn’t serve to enhance your images in some way, either remove it first or move to a different location. An uncluttered environment produces more aesthetically pleasing images, and reduces post-processing work. Nobody needs to see photos of your puppy with an overflowing garbage can in the background.

  If you have ever watched a professional pet photographer in action, you will notice that they bend and twist and turn and crouch and crawl – whatever it takes to get the shot. Be prepared to get those muscles working in order to get the perfect composition. Sometimes all it takes for a dog to break their sit-stay is for you to go from sitting to standing, and it’s better to reach and lean, than make a large movement that will cause the pet to move from their perfect pose.

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